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Counting Fingers Hands Puzzle

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Counting Fingers Hands Wooden Puzzle is a great educational toy puzzle which has many different learning applications. As a simple counting toy puzzle a child can easily see the connection between the numbers 1 to 10 and their own 10 fingers. They can pick up the finger and remove it from the wooden puzzle, as they count, giving a tactile connection to the number. Removing all the fingers and hands and then getting them back into the correct places counting as you go reinforces the numbers and order.
This puzzle goes further than just counting, under each finger on the wooden puzzle is a little drawing of the international sign language symbol for each number and also little dots matching that number. On the puzzle board are the written numbers 1 to 10 and also arrows indicating which direction to make the lines to form the number.
This wooden educational puzzle is a great introduction to numbers and provides a recognizable image of 2 hands for your child to sort and complete. With this puzzle kids learns the name of their fingers, basic numbers and basic sign languages. A great teaching tool. Written on each puzzle piece is the name of each finger index, pinky, ring, middle and thumb and on the left and right hand the fingers are the same colour to help identify the same finger. e.g. both middle fingers are yellow. A multi purpose well thought through wooden puzzle. A “thumbs up” from us…


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