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4pcs Sponge Patterned Roller Set

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Package Include: 4pcs Sponge Paint Roller Brush. Perfect toy for stimulating kids interested in painting. Give full play to the imagination, drawing out a variety of different patterns. Paint roller with specially shaped foam roller for easy roll of color patterns. Whether as a toy for creative experiment with colors and shapes, or to artistic creation, for example, gift packaging, through to beautify the nursery wallpaper.

Sponge rollers are a handy and versatile painting tool for the younger years, right through to lower primary aged students. Children can load up the roller with paint and transfer the paint onto paper or canvas with a wide coverage. Children are able to explore colours through paint layering and mixing colours. White paint or water can also be added to the paint for children to experiment with tones and shades. Sponge rollers are also a great way for children to explore water, using the roller with water in place for paint. Little ones can dip and roll their sponges in water, and apply it onto surfaces for fuss free activities requiring minimum cleaning- an ideal outside water activity for hot days. Sponge rollers are also a terrific tool for children to use to further explore and develop their fine motor strength and control, manipulating the sponge into the paint, and then onto the paper in their desired movement and patterns. Gross motor skills are also encouraged with children using the large muscles in their upper bodies and arms to spread the paint around- the bigger the paper the bigger the movement will be.


  • Plane sponge roller
  • Horizontal sponge roller
  • Speckled sponge roller
  • The vertical line sponge roller
  • Size: 7 cm x 13.5 cm

EYLF Learning Outcomes:

  • Outcome 4 Explore theories with immagination, creativity and play
  • Outcome 5 Ways of expressing ideas and meaning using media

Developmental Milestones:

  • 3 to 5 years Exhibits hand preference


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